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Renewable Energy Plant First of Its Kind in Nevada

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GOODSPRINGS, Nev. - Several tubes at a facility near Goodsprings, Nevada transfer natural gas to California, powering homes and businesses in the Golden State. Now, crews are building a plant next door that will capture the energy the natural gas facility leaves behind.

The process is called recovered energy generation. The new plant will take leftover heat from the nearby natural gas plant, cool and condense it, and reuse it to power homes and businesses in Nevada.

Andy McNeil with NV Energy is excited about the project. "We're taking exhaust heat from the Kern River gas compressor station that would typically go out of the chimney," McNeil said. "(We're) bypassing the chimney, bringing it over to the heat recovery boiler (and) converting it into electricity."

"Think of it as a radiator, where you have water coming in from the top. You have a fan blowing on fins. It cools it. Then, you're able to recycle it from down below," McNeil said.

The plant is the first non-solar energy project in Southern Nevada. Once it's finished, it will produce enough energy to power nearly four thousand homes.

McNeil says the plant will run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, as long as the gas plant is operating. McNeil says solar power plants, which cannot capture energy when the sun is not shining, cannot make the same guarantee.

The project is scheduled for completion in October. It is expected to create as many as 30 construction jobs. Once completed, the project will be maintained offsite.

This is one of 44 renewable energy projects under construction by NV Energy.

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