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Reid Ignores Lawsuit Threat, Puts Angle Website Back Up

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LAS VEGAS -- On the internet, your past becomes your present, and in politics, your statements can haunt your career.

Recently, Senate candidate Sharron Angle removed some controversial positions from her issues page on her website, setting off a firestorm in the race and a legal challenge against her opponent, Harry Reid.

The candidates refuse to talk, but the web sees all. Angle continues to dodge local media, unwilling to answer questions about some big changes to her online profile.

After meeting back east with Washington D.C. Republican stalwarts, Angle's website got a slick makeover, as did her positions on controversial topics. Some have been scrubbed entirely from the web.

Angle's new website no longer mentions her support for Yucca Mountain and re-purposing spent nuclear fuel. It also nixed her call for the withdrawal from the United Nations and the elimination of the Department of Education. The site also scrubbed references to global warming and Angle calling it "a hoax."

The Reid camp pounced on the changes, and resurrected Angle's old site to create, copying the old policy positions.

Angle threatened a copyright lawsuit to keep her own words from the public. But in the last few hours, the Democrat ignored the threats, putting the attack site back up.

Now both candidates are staying completely silent about this in person. Angle was in Summerlin shooting a campaign commercial Tuesday. Multiple calls to her campaign were not returned and staff inside said she was simply too busy to comment, despite an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show.

Reid fared about the same with staff telling media at an event he would not comment about Angle at all. The campaign unleashed spirited emails, but the senator is choosing to stay silent.

It's unclear if Angle is going to continue to pursue a suit against Reid for copyright claims. Both campaigns continue to keep their distance from the media, but only focus on positive events for their public profile.

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