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Churches Help Families in Need

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LAS VEGAS -- Knowing where you will get your next meal is something thousands of families in the Las Vegas valley are going through right now. These families are not homeless, but simply can't afford food.

Churches all across the valley are trying to keep up with the demand of families needing food. These places offer help to everyone, no matter what your religious beliefs are.

"On average, we probably help about 500 to 1,200 people on any given month," said Bob Good with Central Christian Church.

Good says the congregation has incorporated helping valley families from going hungry, into their services.

"We try to do food drives as a church. We ask the whole congregation if they will participate and bring in food for a family of four for about two to three days and just in this last month, we've raised more than 70,000 pounds of food," said Good.

Across town at Heritage United Methodist Church, the food pantry is a lot smaller but still serves hundreds, including B.J. Smalling. "I'm hurting. These past two years I've put in hundreds and hundreds of applications," he said.

This is Smalling's second visit here.

"We get food stamps, but when you are low at the end of the month, it really helps a lot with food and drinks. We're just about bare in the kitchen right now," he said.

Eddie Deck runs the pantry and knows what families are going through. "I went through this a long time ago. I went through a bad divorce and I was struggling. I was working but couldn't pay my bills and I don't want to say what I was eating, because it wasn't that good," he said.

Today, his church is one of thousands doing all it can during some hard times.

The churches have different days where people can stop by to pick up food. But you must have some form of ID in order to get the goods.

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