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Angle and Reid Differ on Direction of Social Security

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Sharron Angle Sharron Angle
Harry Reid Harry Reid

LAS VEGAS -- Senate Republican candidate Sharron Angle has broken her recent silence to unveil her plan for Social Security. She began speaking to reporters Monday, just not Nevada reporters.

You're going to start seeing many television ads battling over the fate of Social Security. Angle's stance is to keep Social Security intact for seniors, but eliminate Social Security and Medicare for younger workers, giving them no choice but to ride their retirement on the ups and downs of the stock market.

After last Tuesday's primary win, Angle's campaign has not made the candidate available for interviews. Monday morning, she showed up on Fox News Channel to outline her plan.

"Some have said you are out there to get rid of Social Security. That's not true, right?" asked host Steve Doocy.

"That's nonsense. I have always said that we have to make a lockbox. Put the money in their for our senior citizens," said Angle.

Angle now calls for a Social Security "lockbox," a term popularized by Al Gore's presidential campaign.

The clash between Nevada Senator Harry Reid and Angle comes with this statement: "What we need to do is personalize Social Security and medicare so that the government can no longer raid it," she said.

Angle calls it "personalizing" now, but in previous interviews, she has called for "transitioning out" of Social Security and Medicare. Her proposals advocate putting people's retirement nest egg in the often risky and volatile stock market.

Angle says Reid has been raiding Social Security, a claim the Reid camp denies.

"It's just not true. Senator Reid has a long record of protecting Social Security. Remember, he's the one who actually prevented President Bush from privatizing the program," said spokesperson Jon Summers.

Social Security may be around for seniors, but to keep it afloat for decades, Reid's camp calls for a crackdown on tax cheats and bipartisan negotiations.

Social Security was once called "the third rail" of American politics for the shocking effects it has on political campaigns trying to change it. This race may prove to be no different.

There are many unanswered details and specifics we have questions about that nobody in their campaign seems able or willing to answer. 8 News NOW made several attempts to contact the Angle camp, but no one returned repeated calls or emails requesting comment.

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