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Investigative Reporter Colleen McCarty and Photojournalist Kyle Zuelke

Reid Confident Despite Tough Battle Ahead

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WASHINGTON -- Perhaps you haven't arrived in Washington until you become a character in New York.

Saturday Night Live Will Forte spoofed Senator Harry Reid during a recent episode. A parody in part, on the majority leader's challenging bid for re-election.

"I'll tell you what, even with all of Harry's problems, I bet he makes it. Although you never know. Nevada is weird," said Forte.

Reid ranks among the top 10 most vulnerable Democrats nationwide. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Nevada's senior senator loses in a race against each of the top three Republican candidates.

Yet some pundits point out third party opposition may ultimately split the vote in Reid's favor.

"I am the leader of the Senate and it's hard to make everybody happy all the time. But the things I've been able to do for the state, I think are significant. No one in the history of the state has been able to be in a position to do as much for the state and certainly the state needs help at this time," said Reid. 

As the majority leader, Reid says his political clout allows him to deliver for Nevada. Hundreds of millions in federal dollars for renewable energy, foreclosure aid and transportation projects are among recent examples.

Yet Reid acknowledges that Nevada's recovery remains slow with many registered voters out of work.

"Of course we've been able to do a lot of things to create jobs, but we still have not crossed over the rubicon, as they say. There's a lot more to do. We have to get our economy up and running. Anytime the economy gets better around the country, it's good for Nevada. We thrive on people coming to Nevada," he said.

The Reid campaign has a sizable war chest at its disposal. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, it has more than $9 million on hand.

Without a credible threat in the primary, Reid plans to remain in Washington next week to manage a full Senate schedule. His prolonged absences may be part of the punch line.

But with 24 years of experience, Reid feels confident he will have the last laugh.

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