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Senate Hopeful Starts Petition for Ariz.-Style Immigration Law

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LAS VEGAS -- Senate hopeful Chad Christensen wants to do two things: bring Arizona's controversial immigration law to Nevada and require everyone to have a photo ID when they vote.

The assemblyman says this would cut down on widespread voter fraud that local election officials say doesn't even exist.

Christensen was the first to sign the ballot initiative.

"12.2-percent of all the workers in the state of Nevada are illegal immigrants. Those numbers come from the Pew Hispanic Center," he said.

The bill would make it illegal to drive by a store and pick up day laborers. Right now, illegal immigrants are deported after immigration officers pick them out in jail. The attorney who wrote the bill says loitering or being pulled over for an illegal lane change could be seen as probable cause for deportation.

"Perhaps lawful stop, finds there are no drugs there, but given the nervousness, given a vehicle that seems suspicious, given identification that seems suspicious, insurance that didn't match," said attorney Michael Erickson.

Southern Nevada Hispanic groups and labor unions have spoken out against Christensen's initiatives, claiming they would inevitably lead to racial profiling.

Christensen's petition also calls for all voters to present photo ID at the polls, claiming illegal immigrants cause widespread voting fraud.

"It's rampant. Yes it is. Part of the reason why I believe voter numbers are down is because people start to lose faith in the system," he said.

But there is no problem with voting fraud according to Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax.

Governor Jim Gibbons rejected Christensen's earlier call for a special legislative session on the immigration issue, stating that it's the federal government's responsibility.

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