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Rory Reid: Budget Ideas Do Not Include Higher Taxes

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LAS VEGAS -- He's known as Clark County's top leader, but Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid says now is the time to take all of his years of experience statewide.

"I'm the only person running for governor that has been successful in managing a very large budget. The county's budget is as big as the state's general fund and I've managed it, balanced it, every year for almost eight years, in good time and in bad," he said.

Unlike the Republicans in this race, Reid has stayed relatively low-key, with few campaign signs or commercial spots. Recent polls have him as the presumptive Democratic candidate for November.

"My eye is on the general election. I didn't enter this race to win primary, I entered the race to be governor and that's what I'm focused on," he said.

Reid says he has a plan for Nevada. He says the state's budget problems can't be fixed without first fixing the economy, including creating new jobs through renewable energy resources and computer technology. But Reid says our core is education.

"I will not compromise on education because companies will not come here if they don't believe we have an educated workforce ready to do the jobs they need done. And the executives of those people won't bring their families here if our schools aren't better," he said.

Reid wants to empower principals and teachers inside of the classroom, where he says accountability will be key. "We should give teachers the freedom to do their jobs and if they don't do it well, we should tell them to go find another profession. I think we need to be honest about that," he said.

Reid calls his plan for Nevada "budget neutral."

"Taxes aren't the answer and we can build this new economy in a way that is budget neutral. If you look at my plan, it talks about the new industries we can invest in, the new jobs we can bring, a new economy, a new education system. The only thing I'm not talking about is new taxes," he said.

He says it's a plan that he believes will keep him as a top contender for Nevada governor and he's hoping his years of experience in large government will take him to the next level.

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