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11/25/09 Sean Finds a Forever Home

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The day after Thanksgiving last year...a young couple here in town took a little boy into their home -- as their own.   In July, the adoption was final.   Now we bring you the thankful faces of adoption.

This is the face that started it all.

"We went and looked at a picture album...and um, had many kids in there up for adoption...and we were flipping through the pages, and all of a sudden Sean came across, and it said something to the affect of, bright little boy, big heart, likes to smile, likes trucks...something about him caught our eye, and we said we'd like to look at Sean," says Sean's new Dad, Terry.

Terry and his wife Marisa...knew from the first moment, Sean was supposed to be theirs.

"Just right when we first met him, my heart was out to my hand for him...I wanted to take him home right away (laughs)," says Marisa.

...And they did eventually.... Overnite visits became weekend visits, weekend visits became longer, and finally when Terry and Marisa had completed their adoption classes, Sean came to stay for good.   One year ago.

"We don't look at the fact that he may be a different ethnicity than us, he's ours.   He's ours...for good....forever," says Sean's new Dad.

Marisa says, that forever commitment came from a place of prayer.

"You have to pray a lot...too...you know, pray to god that he will bring the right one for you, he will bring what he has planned for your life," says Mirisa.

And Sean has no doubt the plan was for him to be... Here.

"There are so many kids out there that needs home, that needs a shelter... And that really touched my heart, to be part of it, and be a help to them," adds Terry.

We're so happy for this family... But there are so many more kids like Sean waiting for adoption.

If you'd like to get begin the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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