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Nevada Vote: Candidate Profile of Sharron Angle

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada Senator Harry Reid's seat is in Washington has brought out a lot of contenders. One of those candidates is Sharron Angle, a former state legislator, an artist, and the one Republican candidate with the Tea Party movement's support.

Angle lives in northern Nevada and says she's the true conservative on the primary ticket. She's ready for a close primary and in recent polls seems to be gaining momentum. Angle knows a few things about campaigns. In this primary, she's up against some big names.

"This is not my first campaign; I have campaigned 13 times and won 10 times. I don't think you worry so much about your opposition as worrying about are people receiving your message, getting the idea," said the U.S. Senate hopeful.

Angle's spent plenty of time on the trail including taking part in the recent Helldorado Days parade, where she wanted to make her message clear to southern Nevadans.

"I have a battle tested proven conservative record that I believe defeats Harry Reid in the general. It is the thing that separates me from the rest of the field here in the Republican primary."

The University of Nevada, Reno alum is also getting her message out on the airwaves with advertising paid for by her campaign and from the Tea Party movement. She's the only candidate in the primary to be endorsed by the Tea Party.

"They have been doing independent expenditures. The federal law forbids us from having any contact with them because it says you can not coordinate those efforts, so I'm as surprised as you are when their ad comes up on the TV and radio," she said.

When asked about a recent so called investigation by the Federal Election Committee, she says her campaign has never been under investigation.

"It was not an investigation first of all; the FEC simply sent us a letter. They are very common letters. Many of the people in this race got letters just like this asking about certain things that happened within your reporting and what they wanted to know. We have to report every contribution."

She says her camp sent everything that was requested. Now, this grandmother of 10 says she's ready for D.C.

"When the government has put our children and grandchildren trillions in debt it's time to say enough is enough, and those are my top priorities, those little grand kids that I have."

There are 12 candidates in the Republican primary.


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