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11/18/09 DeShawn IS Determination

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Nine years old and bright as a penny....today's Wed's Child would fit into the right adoptive home with little trouble.   He just needs love and the chance to grow.

Deshawn's second name is determination... He was just not going to quit hitting that thing with a carnival mallet till he rang the bell...

"He is so determined, he just tries and tries and tries, and he just gets better everyday," says Rich, a adoption recruiter with the County's Division of Child and Family Services

That determination crosses over into other parts of his life too.

"One fun thing about Deshawn is he loves to be around a lot of people, he's a very determined kid to be independent," adds Rich

At nine years old, Deshawn gets along with anyone.   His favorite subject is math -- which he's great at -- and his favorite color is red -- at least today.   That could change.   But what doesn't change is Deshawn's hope for a permanent home.

"A home that would be right for Deshawn is a home that's gonna be definitely patient, a home that is going to continue to help him attain all his goals that you know, he's setting for himself, that his team is setting for him, but also gonna be structure," says Rich.

DeShawn is free and clear for adoption.  If you'd like to get started in completing his adoption, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now.

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