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11/11/09 At 14, Dexter Still Wants To Be Adopted

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Many kids who've been bounced around the system 14 years have abandoned the idea of adoption.   But not today's candidate.   Dexter has a 'driving' desire for a family.

Playing the video car-racing games is ok...but.... (pics of driving around the Mini Gran Prix)...This is really more Dexter's style.

Dexter loves driving, and at 14, he's not that far away from getting his license...   In fact, eventually he'd really like to be in the car business.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  "A mechanic of some sort.   I like cars and stuff," says Dexter.

But that's not all Dexter is good at.  

"He's doing well in school, um, and as you've observed, he's very articulate, and he's very mature for his age.   He's very responsible, and he obviously cares about other people, he likes sports, and he helps a lot around the house," says Constance, an Adoption Recruiter.

Dexter is a busy guy, and very giving...helping out with the other kids we were shooting with this day at mini-gran prix.   He knows what he wants.

"A caring home with at least a dad figure.   'Cause I never had a dad.   My dad left me whenever I was little...and I don't have a picture or anything of him....I don't even know his name," says Dexter.

Everyone close to Dexter agrees, there's a lot of promise here, with the right home.

"I just think that he would be a fine addition.   He would be a person that....I think would be...he's already self-motivated, so it wouldn't' take a whole lot, you know, but just, like I always say, a loving structured, committed family," adds Constance.

Dexter deserves a permanent home, and he's free for adoption, right away.

if you'd like to get begin the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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