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11/4/09 3 Older Siblings Need a Family

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The response to the three little girls we had on Wednesday's Child last week was encouraging.  We hope today's set of three siblings will also get that kind of attention.   Today: two girls and a boy, and as it turns out, they write and perform their own songs:

(singing about hope)

...and their story is actually one of infinite hope.

"We all just want to be happy," says Sabrina.

Sabrina, Tyrese and Astorria first want to stay together,

"Well, because we're all each other's got...the only family we have... That's why," says Astorria

And secondly, they want real parents...and all that comes with it.

"Mainly parents with stability in the house, like, there has to be rules, though...not strict rules," says Tyrese.

Tyrese is the younger brother at 11... A nice kid with a big smile, who loves his sisters.

"We do puzzles and color...and sing all the time at nigh," adds Tyrese.

Astorria is only a year away from 18, but still wants a family...and he sister Sabrina, who is 15, know the advantages of having a loving home to depend on.

"They need a forever home, they need a home after they leave home, and it's very important for, uh, children... They need a place to come back to, 'cause most of us don't do well, ...uh, we need somebody to fall back on," says Adoption recruiter Constance Holdip.

Astorria is creative and responsible, Sabrina is adventurous, and Tyrese is fun-loving and athletic.   Together, their future has much promise with a loving family.

"And they're at an age when negativity can possibly be set in, and they need some positive role models, and some people that would be very committed to uh, to take 'em to their future." says Constance.

(close out with singing briefly)

The only thing these 3 need to make their adoption come true is someone like you to get started with their adoption now...

If you'd like to get begin the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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