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Poor Night's Sleep Disrupts Insulin

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      If you are dealing with diabetes, or have been told you're pre-diabetic, you may want to try to get more sleep.

        A new finding suggests that poor sleep can hurt your body's ability to use insulin.

       Scientists in the Netherlands found that just one short night of sleep can have "profound effects" on the metabolism.  

       Sleep is already a huge problem in the U-S, because so many people are working longer hours, or caring for children while working full time. And stress can keep you up at night, too. Certainly, stress has been on the rise since the recession started. Here's a link to the Reuters article about the study:


         By the way, if you chronically have trouble sleeping, there are many things to check first before seeing a doctor. The most obvious is caffeine use, but something you might not have thought about is a lack of exercise. If you do nothing to maker yourself naturally tired, sleep can be disturbed.  This is especially true among the elderly.

      This link takes you to an article on ways to sleep better.


 Til next time, remember: what's good for your heart is good for your head!

Paula Francis

8 News Now Anchor




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