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10/21/09 This Group of Four Siblings Would Bring Joy to Your Home

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You may find it hard to believe that today's Wednesday's Child sibling set is free for adoption...they're so adorable.   But indeed, they are seeking a loving home -- together.

We're at the Mini Gran Prix with this foursome... Starting with the oldest, Eric is 6 years, Anthony is 4, his little brother Isaac is 2, and their little sister, Diana, the only girl in the group, is just past one year. And it was clear to me right form the start, they are all very attached to each other.

Eric especially is protective of his younger siblings.

"You know, he was wiping Diana's face while they were eating, and just making sure they hold hands when they're walking in.. That sort of thing. Outgoing, smart in school, talkative, but overall, he's a good kid, well-mannered, no issues, no problems," says Andre, a foster recruitment specialist for the Clark County Division of Family Services.

You could say the same for Eric's two younger brothers... Despite their early hardships, they're thriving in foster care, and developing normally.

"They love Spongebob Squarepants...they're all into that!....other than that, they just like to play and hang out...you saw them over there playing ball and all that," adds Andre.

More than anything, Family Services is seeking a loving family that can provide structure and consistency to this precious set of children.

"A home that can have all four of them in there, love 'em give them the attention that they want, and need...they need a permanent adoptive home...that really can support them, uh, and help them develop their interest and maintain in school," says Andre. 

Subsidies are available to help with the cost of raising these children through an adoption.   If you're thinking these kids belong in your home.

Please begin the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right now.

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