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9/02/09 Josh, Kyla, Skyler are Ready For Their New Home

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Wednesday's Child today is a sibling set of three.   They're very bonded to each other, they just need a loving family to make their lives complete

Josh is the oldest at 12...next is Kyla at 9, and younger brother Skyler is 8.   We met up with them at the Artful Potter, where Josh showed his true colors as a Chicago Bears fan.

Josh is a great kid with a lot of interests, and a clear idea of what he wants in his new adoptive home.

"For me, I would really want my own room, that has sports, like UFC, football, basketball, yeah," says Josh.

But Josh is also a good big brother...who likes to joke with his siblings.

Especially Kyla, who lives with her brothers at St. Jude's in Boulder City.   She's pretty well-balanced and realistic about the challenges ahead for them.

"Girly-girl...she likes art, she likes math, uh...she doesn't seem too bothered with being the only girl, maybe 'cause she's around other girls at St. Jude's... But um, she sticks right there with 'em," says Constance, her adoption recruiter.

Skyler is bright, honest, and intelligent.   Being the youngest doesn't slow him down one bit.

"I think he's really outgoing, you know, very active, he likes to sit home sometimes and just watch TV, (laughs), and he's really loving, he's really nice, and I was really surprised he latched onto us so quickly," says Constance.

While three is a lot to adopt...these kids would make a loving addition to any home.

"Ideal home? Definitely a home that is going to be able to support their sibling relationship, and their connection with their other sibling who is older and out of the home...that's active, because we have 3 different vast personalities, we got sports-minded, arts and craft-minded, and even the younger boy, Skyler, who can do role-playing by himself, so someone who can be able to manage those types of 3 different personalities, and be open to maintaining services as long as they're need," adds Constance.

These siblings would like to maintain connected to their Hopi Indian-tribe roots... But they're free and ready to be adopted.   You can find the link to the Adoption Exchange on our website, Lasvegasnow.com.   Keyword: adoption.

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