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9/16/09 Here's John's New Adoptive Father

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For 10 years, two Wed's Child appearances, and several placements, John has been trying to find a permanent adoptive home.  We're here today to introduce you to his new father.

You might remember this smiling, blue-eyed 12 yr old when he first appeared on our program as we visited the Atomic Testing Museum in January 2008.

Then, again later that year at the Mini Grand-Prix.   He was still smiling, but his patience with the process was wearing thin.

"...'cause since I was 5 I really haven't had parent," John told us.

"Every kid deserves a home, John is no different..absolutely," says Jamie, John's new adoptive father.

Meet Jamie...John's new adoptive father.   New to John, but not new to adoptions.

"Well, actually, John is my 8th adopted child," admits Jamie.

A broadcaster himself, Jamie first saw John on our news.

"I first saw John, actually on your Wed'C child segment, and, uh, I've been a fan of the Wed's Child thing for years, and I saw it, and then I had John on my radio show, here, locally, and kinda drew the same conclusion you did, wow this is a neat kid, he needs to have a home," says Jamie.

One thing led to another, Jamie renewed his adoption license, and their visits became more frequent.

"Yeah, I actually thought, actually that he was pretty awesome," gushes John.

And the feeling was mutual.

"Uh, I actually thought about it for about two seconds...cause John made such a great impression, you know in our initial meeting," adds Jamie.

"And you know what he has a lot of energy... Which usually, for.... Somebody... His age...(here we go, here's the age thing) (laughter)... Doesn't usually have that much energy, and he seemed to be a devoted person," says John about his new father.

Jamie is an old hand at adoptions, but he has this to say to those who are considering it for the first time:

"The person that questions whether or not they'd be a good foster or adoptive parent, probably is, the person who says: oh, I could do that in a heartbeat, is probably not a good candidate," admits Jamie.

John's patience paid off in the end, but there are hundreds of other foster kids still waiting.
If you're considering adoption, let the nice folks over at the Adoption Exchange help you with first steps.

Call them at 436-6336, or visit them online.

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