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7/22/09 Elissa Returns From Failed Adoption -- This Is Her Time

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A failed adoption doesn't mean the child is a failure. 

You may recognize today's Wednesday's Child.   She's back because she knows she wants a forever family

We first met Elissa here at Desert Breeze park with her brother back in March of '07.   They were hoping to be adopted together.   That hasn't worked out... And beyond that, a subsequent adoption involving just Elissa didn't work out either.

"...And that happened with her unfortunately...and now here we are again, and this time around she's been participating a lot more in the recruitment efforts...and I think that shows a lot about her and her will, and what she wants, and she's really going for it this time," says Elissa's case worker.

We talked openly about all that stuff when we met at U-Swirl the other day.   Elissa is a very smart kid, who keeps a laser focus on getting a permanent family.

"I'm ready to have, um another family that doesn't have as many issues as mine does," says Elissa.

"She's honest about what she's been through, she's honest about where she is now, and that takes a lot for her, but I think it helps with a family identify with her...and vice versa when it comes to that," says the case worker.

Elissa likes dancing, and sports...singing... And...

"...mmmm...love to go on family outings, to like go...um, to the beach and all that," says Elissa.

Elissa absolutely wants to stay in regular contact with her brother... And wants a family she can depend on.

And again, she knows what she, she wants, and that's a family forever.

"A family that is going to be there for her, she doesn't want to spend a lot of time at home by herself, while, say her parents work or have other activities where she's kinda just left to do her own thing," says her case worker.

Elissa is free and clear for adoption.  Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to get started in the process right away.

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