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Scam Targets Unsuspecting Job Seekers

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LAS VEGAS - Job seekers in Nevada have more to worry about than just finding work. Scammers are preying upon job hunters and their desperation to land a job.

Many job seekers are so desperate for a paycheck, they will apply anywhere. That is what happened to Cathy Maloney. She lost her job in property management last year. She spends most of her days searching online job postings. "If I'm not out, I'm on the computer," she said. "I've been in a craze, searching for the last three months." She posted her resume on major job sites. She finally received a lead after responding to an ad on Craigslist.

She says the company was called Branton LLC. She received an e-mail from a human resources director with the company EFG Associates who expressed interest in hiring Maloney. But, the author of the e-mail told Maloney she had to complete a credit check first and directed her to a website to apply for a credit report.

Maloney was skeptical. She conducted some research and found red flags about Branton. "I went to that company's website and saw that they had listed a Las Vegas address," Maloney said. "There was no such address."

That's because the company does not exist. The Better Business Bureau issued a warning in January about e-mails from EFG Associates. The scam is simple: get personal and financial information from unsuspecting applicants. "They're out to get your credit card information," Maloney said. "I was so infuriated."

Experts remind job seekers of the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." "If you don't feel comfortable providing that information that's being asked, that might be a red flag that that particular employer may not be legitimate," said Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Public Information Officer Mae Worthey. "If it's somebody you have no idea who they are or where they are, you don't even provide financial information, regardless of how legitimate it looks," added Nevada Senior Deputy Attorney General John McGlamery.

While the job search continues for Maloney, she is relieved she didn't become the victim of a scam. "I think it's just appalling what they're doing," she said.

8 News NOW called a San Francisco number for this so-called company. A recording instructs job seekers to follow the instructions on the e-mail and to go through with that credit check. 8 News NOW also discovered the scam involves other company names such as Swilman Corp., and Bronsan LLC.

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