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Advances can help Diabetics avoid Amputation

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One of the greatest dangers for people Dealing with Diabetes is an infection that leads to amputation of a toe or foot. This week at the annual convention of The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons meeting at Mandalay Bay, I found a lot of advances are happening that will be of great help to diabetics.

Podiatric surgeons are working to find ways to improve the amputation procedure or avoid it altogether. Dr Troy Bofelli of St Paul, Minnesota was one of the featured speakers at ACFAS's annual convention. He described some of the ways that amputation is avoided or minimized.

"Oftentimes where a person would lose part of their foot, we want that foot to be structurally sound for ability to walk, and we want it to be at minimal risk for re-ulceration and so we can do things surgically. Lengthen a tendon, fix a deformity, remove a bone, so that the foot is hopefully less prone to an ulcer or an infection, rather than more prone."  

Foot care is critical for diabetics, who must be on alert for the start of any infection. Be sure to ask your podiatrist about the latest advances. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has a wonderful website, filled with helpful information for diabetics or anyone with foot issues or questions.

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