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Paula's HealthNotes: Doctors Discuss Breast Cancer Options

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Buddy Check Healthnotes by Paula Francis   Feb. 8, 2010

A patient who's diagnosed with breast cancer might want a second opinion, and it's generally a good idea. Now, a weekly meeting of local breast cancer specialists gives their patients 20 or 30 opinions.. It's happening at Sunrise Breast Center, but the doctors come from all over the valley  Dr. Lawrence Gardner is a breast cancer surgeon. He started the "rounds", as he calls them. He told me, "These are people who are in economic competition with each other and the only reason they are there is to do what's right for the patient."

Every week, at seven in the morning, a dedicated group of specialists meets at the sunrise breast center to discuss their latest cases. They're surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, geneticists, ob-gyn's and any doctor who deals with breast cancer patients.

Invariably, someone knows of a new methodology or a new treatment that might make a difference. Dr. Gardner says everyone gets something out of the sessions. "There isn't a single week that goes by that all of us don't say, hmmm I learned something.  Because remember I can keep up with the surgical literature but I can't keep up with the medical oncology literature or the genetics literature and you'd be surprised.  You think everything is routine and then someone says, you know there was an article in the x and we are now thinking of doing this.

 Dr. Gardner says the meetings can become contentious, and the doctors are very aware they will face the criticism of their peers. He says, "The other advantage of this interdisciplinary committee is because we are presenting our cases, because this is like sunshine, you're opening yourself up, now sit and criticize me."

Also, I want to remind you that the Race for the Cure is just three months away.. Saturday, May 1st, 2010, in downtown LasVegas. Registration has started online.  If you don't walk, or run, or you simply cannot get up that early, you can help the cause in many other ways. Just go to

You can even "sleep in" for the Cure!  I'll see you at the Race, and I'll see you this evening on 8 News Now.

Paula Francis, 8 News Now

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