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Utah Family Searches Las Vegas Area for Missing Son

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  • Online News Editor Stephen Jackson

    Searching for the Missing People of Las Vegas

    Searching for the Missing People of Las Vegas

    Wednesday, December 15 2010 4:44 PM EST2010-12-15 21:44:13 GMT
    St. George, Utah resident Steven Koecher was reported missing one year ago. In that time, his family has been on an endless search for him. Finding the missing in Las Vegas is a problem that baffles family members and police investigators, both just looking for answers.More>>
  • Stephen Jackson, Online News Editor

    Where is Steven Koecher?

    Where is Steven Koecher?

    Thursday, March 18 2010 7:31 PM EDT2010-03-18 23:31:14 GMT
    Steven Koecher pulled his car into a Sun City Anthem neighborhood in Henderson, parked at the end of a cul-de-sac and walked away. That was on December 13 of last year. He hasn't been seen since.More>>
  • Family, Police Search for Missing Utah Man

    Family, Police Search for Missing Utah Man

    Tuesday, February 2 2010 10:45 AM EST2010-02-02 15:45:13 GMT
    Police are searching for clues into the disappearance of a man from St. George, Utah. 30-year-old Steven Koecher vanished from a Henderson neighborhood nearly two months ago. Family, friends, authorities and even a local dairy business are doing all they can to find him.More>>

LAS VEGAS -- A Utah family is frantically searching for their son after his car was found in an Henderson neighborhood. The 30-year-old has been missing since the middle of December and right now his family is looking for any clues.

Chris Steven Koecher's parents say he never mentioned a trip to Las Vegas. That is why they were shocked to get a call last month saying their son's car had been parked in a Anthem neighborhood for days.

"Nothing has been the same since that minute", said Deanne Koecher, Chris's mother.

No one had seen nor heard from Steven Koecher in four days and the call to tell his parents his car was abandoned in another state came as a shock.

"We were just frightened to learn that our son had been missing for that long because we had no idea", said Steven's mother.

Surveillance video from a nearby home shows Steven's car pull up and eventually he is seen walking toward some homes. These few seconds are all his parents have to explain why their son drove to this Anthem neighborhood.

"It had a half a tank of gas the car started just fine and we noticed this is not a place where you just accidentally run out of gas. It is a hard place to get to it had to be a destination of some sort", said Rolf Koecher, Stevens father.

They believe their son was probably meeting someone but planned to return home the same day because he did not pack anything like his cell phone charger or laptop.

He even spoke to a friend while he was driving and offered to turn back around to cover a meeting for him.

"The friend said don't bother I will just cover it myself, but he would have come back. He said he would and he was telling people where he was so that does not add up to someone who wants to get away", said Steven's father.

Steven's parents say they have run out of clues and are hoping someone else will know something that can help them find their son.

"To think that he may be suffering is beyond our capacity to bare", said Steven's mother.

Already there have been several searches done with the help of the Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones.  A recent search is what brought Koecher's parents to town this weekend and they say they have no plans on giving up.

If you have any information about Steven Koecher, please contact the St. George, Utah Police dispatch at (435) 627-4300 or the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Missing Persons at (702) 229-2907.


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