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Investigative Reporter Colleen McCarty

I-Team: Embattled Teacher Answers His Many Critics

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The I-Team first reported on a lawsuit involving retired teacher Ken Mcfate in May. Before the story aired, Mcfate was contacted outside of court to request an interview with his attorney present. He adamantly said no.

After the story aired, two things happened: First, several other alleged victims came forward and second, Mcfate insisted on getting his interview.

With his attorney by his side, the retired elementary school teacher vents his frustration at a woman he once romanced. "I'm tired of being pushed around and pushed down for things that I haven't done," he said.

A lawsuit filed by former girlfriend Andreana Leonard against the Clark County School District has thrust Mcfate into the media spotlight. It alleges he has a history of harassing, stalking and threatening women with a connection to his schools, Leonard among them. The suit says the district knew about it but did nothing to stop it.

"This whole incident of why this started, why I was pulled out of my school, is because she got angry. She's out for revenge. She threatened me in so many ways," he said.

The extra-marital affair between the two ended with a restraining order against Mcfate that forced his removal from the classroom. "This is not a minor matter. This is a long history, not only including this person, but other people, all of which is in the record," said Judge Eric Goodman.

Absent any new allegations, earlier this year Judge Goodman stopped short of extending the paper shield, opting instead to order Mcfate to stay away from Leonard. Mcfate points to the decision as evidence that Leonard's claims against him are false. "Even this last judge said there's no violence in my past at all," he said.

But most people don't have six temporary protection orders against them. "Whether they're warranted or not is one thing. If they're warranted, there's probably people out there that do. But they're not warranted against me. My behavior is not like that," he said.

The I-Team has uncovered six restraining orders against Mcfate spanning nine years. Among the alleged victims are students, parents, and a teacher's aide. "These people are angry, they're lying, they're out to get me," he said.

Another half dozen people who did not seek legal protection say they also suffered Mcfate's harassment, teachers Faye Greenspon and Trisha Smith among them. "People can make accusations and make allegations and that's what these are and they're very dangerous. And if they were truly used in a situation where they were needed, I can see that and applaud that, but they're not needed for me," said Mcfate.

Mcfate addresses each individual claim, some he insists involve people who owe him money and others he blames on the small town politics of Indian Springs.

Again and again Leonard leads the conversation. "I'm not guilty of the things that Leonard has said and I'm hoping that's all going to come out one day or another," he said.

But what about all the other people? "If those people have had an axe to grind for this long, I'm sorry they're like that. They're some miserable, miserable people," he said.

Mcfate retired from the school district last year and he refused to discuss the reasons. He also declined to explain his transfer after 23 years from Indian Springs Elementary School to Bilbray Elementary, though he insists the claims he was removed from Indian Springs mid-year are not true.

Despite repeated requests, CCSD refuses to confirm Mcfate's specific employment history. The district also refuses to discuss the lawsuit or its response to any of the complaints against Mcfate.

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