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Investigative Reporter Colleen McCarty

I-Team: More Speak Out Against Alleged Harassing Teacher

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In May we introduced you to Andreana Leonard, a woman suing the Clark County School District for failing to protect her from a teacher it knew, she says, had a history of bad behavior. Since then, the I-Team has identified a dozen alleged victims of retired elementary school teacher Ken Mcfate, and teacher Faye Greenspon, now Faye Fulton, believes she was among his first.

Fulton's mementos of her year at Indian Springs Elementary School include a police report, a discrimination complaint, and dozens of handwritten logs. "Some are from me. Some are from other staff members," she said.

It's documentation of her alleged harassment by a teacher in the classroom next door, Ken Mcfate. "He was constantly in my room, asking me to come over for dinner and when I said, ‘No really, it's ok,' things got really ugly," she said.

For 13 years, Fulton's folder collected dust, until an I-Team investigation of similar claims against Mcfate compelled her to share its contents. "I think there's a lot of people who like to cover things up, but I'm just a small man on the totem police. Nothing I can do about that part except tell part of the story and maybe they'll do something about it next time," she said.

Fulton believes the CCSD's failure to act on her behalf contributed to the case numbers of future alleged victims. Court records reveal half a dozen restraining orders against Mcfate in the last decade detailing a pattern of threats, stalking and intimidation. The most recent in 2008 removed him from the classroom.

"It terrifies me. It bothers me immensely that the district has let it go and being such a large school district, you would think they have the power to take care of things like this -- to dismiss people of this nature," she said.

Fulton's tenure at Indian Springs ended with her transfer, not Mcfate's, despite a Metro Police Investigation of threats McFate made against her witnessed by the school's principal and dean.

According to the report, Mcfate said "You haven't seen anything yet. I will hire someone to sexually harass you and then you will know what sexual harassment is about."

With his attorney by his side, Mcfate insists he's never seen the police report documenting the alleged incident. "I never said those things," he said.

He also denies any wrongdoing against the colleague he claims to barely remember. He says he never asked her out on dates. "I didn't like the lady actually," he said. "I didn't want to be around her."

In the report, the officer notes, in his opinion, Mcfate is a threat and that it may be a "fatal attraction type situation." No criminal charges were ever filed.

"I went to Mr. Chesto, who was the principal, I told him it needed to stop and he said, ‘You don't need to worry about it. He's not going to hurt you. Take it from the source, he's just a stupid man,'" said Fulton.

According to Fulton, CCSD officials also answered her pleas for help with a proverbial pat on the head. "He said, ‘You don't really have a case. You'll be fine. You're just a young girl. You'll be ok,'" she said.

It's that touch that stings even 13 years later for Fulton and for others like her. "When you have something of this nature, you know it's not a joke, you know it's not just somebody being vindictive. The man is crazy and the district just never cared," she said.

It is the school district's policy not to comment on legal action.

Ken Mcfate has much more to say about the accusations against him and about the people making them. Wednesday night at 11, we sit down with Mcfate and we got an earful.

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