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Doc to Testify in Endoscopy Hearings

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Doctor Eladio Carrera is the first of three doctors linked to the hepatitis C crisis to formally appear before the state Medical Board. Doctors Dipak Desai and Clifford Carrol also face malpractice allegations.

In just a few weeks, the Board of Medical Examiners will again consider whether Desai, the majority owner of the Endoscopy Centers of Southern Nevada, is medically fit to participate in his own defense.

An independent medical review earlier this year found Desai suffers from the residual effects of a stroke. Should the board determine Desai cannot participate in the disciplinary process, it would then consider whether he's fit to practice medicine. Sources say the loss of his medical license would likely follow.

Carrol continues to practice in southern Nevada. Unlike Desai and Carrera, the board did not seek to suspend his privileges.

Carrol is accused of treating the infected patient whose disease spread to at least seven others. Carrol has a status check hearing later this month.

The deal struck with Carrera requires he testify as a fact witness during disciplinary hearings related to the endoscopy center. The question now is if any information he provides against Desai and Carrol will ultimately be a good deal for the public.

Sources say he may be the best hope to finally understand what happened.

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