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4 For a New Home

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Wednesday's Child has more sibling sets of children up for adoption than ever before.   That's a big order, but if you were to meet today's brother 'n' sister set of four you'd understand why they should never be apart.

Three of the siblings joined us a Peter Piper Pizza the other day.   The oldest brother was finishing up the final days of school... And the youngest sister -- Samantha -- is still pretty clingy with her foster mother...she's just one year old.

"She's a very uh, uh private little baby...different than babies I've taken care of, she likes her own space, she wants to interface with you when she gets ready...you know, so I have to get used to that, and it took me two weeks to really gain her trust," says Darrell, her new foster mother.

Next oldest is the real boss of this family... A sprite of a four-year old named Victoria.

"'Girly-girl..   She loves to play with her dolls, she has lots of dolls, and stuffed animals, and she's just a girly-girl who loves life, loves to play, loves to have fun...and she likes people, she's very friendly," adds Darrell

Just a year older than Victoria is Justin...

"He is a bright boy, 'cause he....and he's artistic, you give him a pencil or a pen or some crayons and a book or a pad, and he's ok," admits Darrell

Although they're all inviduals, these three -- along with their older brother -- wouldn't think of being apart.   They need a home together.

"They're beautiful children...uh, innocent little children, that, that, uh need love, they need attention, and they just need someone to care for them," says Darrell.

 "'Cause they are a family, and um, iIwas so glad they came together as a family, and I'm hoping they'll be able to stay together as a family, 'cause they love each other and they bond well...uh-huh, they have a strong bond,"  adds Darrell

Their 11-yr-old brother -- James -- is also looking forward to finding a forever home.  

If you'd like to get started in the process of adopting them, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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