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Double Challenge, Double Reward

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Tyrell and Tyree are typical twins... One is a little more reserved -- the other a little more outgoing....both are very adoptable...together.

Tyrell and Tyree were born on the same day, but that's about where the similarities.  

Let's start with Tyree.   His support workers says he's shy at first, but...

"...Very affectionate. Every time i pick him up, he's the first one to give me a hug, so that's pretty cool," says Chris, the boys' support case worker.
Tyrell on the other hand is busy.

"He's outgoing from the start, he's  not afraid to do much of anything, he's ... He's the daredevil, he's the one to do just about anything," admits Chris.

But on some things, the boys agree.

"They love to play board games, they love video games, they love to play outside, whether it's with the skateboard, or climbing the tree, or whatever boys can do outside, thye got pretty creative imaginations, so whatever they can think of they'll do.," adds Chris.

At the Mini Gran Prix, they ran from on thing to the next, but never very far from each other.
They need to stay together, and they need a stable home.

"I would say a family with a mom, a family with a dad, a good role model in the dad...somone who, you know, someone who understands what it's like to be a boy, someone who has a high energy level....cause the boys have high energy levels. They love people interactions... Very adoptable kids i believe," says Chris.

Tyrell and tyree are free to be adopted.   If you want to get  started in the process of adopting them, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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