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A Family of Three Gifted Children

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Three...times....three.   For the third week in a row, we have a sibling set of three seeking an adoptive home together.   But this is the youngest group we've had.

We're at Desert Springs Preserve, and Christopher, Amelia and Robert are getting antsy waiting for the chance to go in... Like most kids, they can make a game out of anything around them.

Finally... Heading to the playground, we already begin to see the distinct personality of each child.

Christopher is the oldest at four-and-a-half, and had the most baggage to put behind him  when he came into foster mom -- Donna's -- home.

"But he's doing leaps and bounds, now as far as his age, now, and he's able to learn now, and he's able to function in school, function around other children," says Donna.

Christopher is also tied at the hip to his sister Amelia... A wonderfully spirited girl of 3.   She's her older brother's security...sensitive, nurturing.

"But she loves to be the princess, she's girly girl, the dolls, the dress-up. All that," remarks Donna.  

And then, there's Robbie, the youngest... Donna is the only mother he's ever known... And she describes him as defiant.

"He's defiant because he's extremely extremely intelligent... He's actually testing off the charts for his age, and he's learning and what we're finding he's capable of doing, and thus only being two, he frustrates himself.....because he's a 4-yr-old in a 2-yr-old body," adds Donna.

This set of three handsome children will need understanding, compassionate care in a forever home.

"They, actually, what they needed most was a lot of love...a lot of consistency, a lot of structure, they still do...especially the older one...his day revolves around consistency and structure," says Donna.

Christopher, Amelia, and Robbie are free to be adopted.   If you want to get started in the process of adopting them, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.///

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