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Another Adorable Sibling Set of Three Precious Children

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No need to do a's Wednesday's Child -- like last week's -- is a sibling set of three adorable children.   Watch this, and then after we'll have a number to call if you're interested in adopting.

This may be the only known picture of these three sitting still enough that you get them all in the same shot.

On the far right is Nasir, youngest of the three, then Cyrus in the middle...he's the oldest, and on the left, is Egypt, the only girl... And loves being a girl.

"Egypt is a sweet beautiful little girl...she's trusting, she's loving, and she's so positive and so affectionate, she would need somebody to really just give her a lot of love, lot of kisses, lot of hugs, she's just very open and affectionate," says Constance, an adoption recruiter for the County's Division of Family Services.

That's a lot for her brothers to live up to...and believe me they do:

"He gets used to people and you'll just get hugs every 5 minutes, uh, he's athletic, typical kid, run, bike-riding," says Constance.

Cyrus is the oldest and the most thoughtful.

"What a great spirit he is, quiet, kinda reserved, um but the same, a typical kid, likes sports, riding his bicycle, and just being a kid, basically," adds Constance. 

One thing is clear -- these kids need to remain together -- in a loving home.

"The ideal home would be probably a family with children, you know, at least two or three children, maybe, but a home with a mom and dad, a mom and home, a home with discipline and structure, but people who are flexible and adventure," says Constance.

These three would like to stay in touch with some of their extended family, so we're hoping to find someone who is OK with that.   If you want to get started in the process of adopting these three, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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