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Three's (not) a Crowd...Three's a Family

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Three's a charm for today's Wednesday's Child.   Three siblings who only want to be part of a normal permanent family.

From right to left, it's Gabby, Jeremiah and Malachi.

Gabby is an outgoing 13-yr old who is very open about her situation seeking an adoptive home.

"As long as I get to see my friends from this school, cause it's hard for me to make friends, so..." admits Gabby.

And who could fault her?  Her foster mom says the three have had a tough go of it so far.

"For the most part, they their anxieties, is just really not knowing what's gonna happen to them," says Latoya, Foster Mother for the 3 children. 

Gabby's brothers are only a year apart 11 & 10... But each their own person.

"Jeremiah is a very playful happy kid...he loves to eat and... Um, he likes to go outside and play and ride his bike," says Latoya.

And Malachi?

"He's the comic...he likes to crack all the jokes, he likes sports as well, he likes to play football, he'll go outside every day to play football, that's the hilite of his day.   He's a smart kid too, he's very witty," adds Latoya.

All three are smart kids with lots going for 'em.   But they need a home with structure, and love, and...

"I  think with a smaller group it will work better for them because they do need one on one, they need a lot of one on one... And when you're only one person, you can't give them exactly what they need, especially with the things they've been through, they need to be with a smaller group," says Latoya.

Sure, adopting three kids would be a handful, and make life interesting, so if you would want to get started in the process of adopting these three, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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