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Ricky: Standalone Standout

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No strings attached.   Today's Wednesday's Child is free and clear to be adopted... And he has an 8-year start at life.   He just needs you to help him finish.

Do kids ever get tired of feeding the ducks?... No, and I don't either.   We're at Sunset Park with Ricky, and there were moments iIthought he might jump in with his new friends.

Ricky can light up a room with his smile... For most intents and purposes, he's a normal boy.

"Typical 8-yr-old, uh, things that he likes to do...you know, he comes out  here and he 's very focused on the toys and the playing and the ducks... Uh, he's running around with kids, and playing with the kids, running around back and forth, says Rich, an adoption recruiter for the County's Division of Family Services

But like most foster kids, Ricky's been moved around a bit, and it's left him wary.

"His attachments are hard...um, so his next transition into a home is going to have to be nice and slow and really um, thoughtful," says Rich.

Ricky is affectionate, likes videogames, and gets along well with other kids....but....

"He can have difficulty with sharing... And knowing that if someone isn't wanting to play, that he has to accept that and not force play time on somebody else, so there's little things like that, um, constant supervision is what he's going to need," adds Rich

As with most adoptable kids, Ricky will need a home with consistency and structure.

"He needs that consistency...he's needs to know what to expect, so having a sort of plan in place about what's going to happen throughout the day, with reminders and prompts would benefit him well...so he can ease into a transition," admits Rich.

Two of rRcky's siblings have been or will be adopted, so now it's just him. If you would want to get
started in the process of adopting Ricky, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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