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Jerome Makes the Adoption Decision Easy -- Yes!

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10 years old...and sharp as a tack.   Wednesday's Child this week is Jerome.   It's his first time on our program, and we hope someone watching today, will also make it his last appearance.
Jerome and I met at sunset park.   We're here with Kenneth whom you've met before on this program... More about him next week.   And we're here with hundreds of hungry ducks and geese.   Feeding them all was OK for a while, but when the crackers ran out... The boys ran to the nearest playground.

Jerome and Kenneth became fast friends.

"He um, wants to be in a home where there are other kids...his age, 'cause he loves to you can see, he's been playing with this other kid here, and he's been having a good old, he definitely want to be in a home with other kids," says Rich, an Adoption Recruiter with the County's Division of Family Servioces.

Jerome is great at school..especially math and science...because: "...We get to like do experiments in science...and science includes math," says Jerome.

The sky's the limit for Jerome.   He's great following directions, he loves sports, music, and: "One thing about Jerome, you ask him if he can see any place in the world, you know, what would it be, and he said the center of the Earth, and you ask him why, and he says, just because...he just wants to see it," adds Rich.

All that aside, Jerome has one special need:  he needs to be loved...and he would thrive in the right family.

"He needs to be in a family that provides structure, that is going to redirect him...he does well with that....and he will soar with a family that is going to do that," says Rich.

Finally I asked jerome if there was anything else people should know about him.  

"I'm good at coloring...that's all," admits Jerome. 

And...Jerome loves pets... Dogs, cats... He's easy.   To get started in the process of adopting Jerome, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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