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Shooting at Downtown Las Vegas Casino Parking Lot

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Police take the shooting suspect into custody. Police take the shooting suspect into custody.
Mauricio Solano Mauricio Solano

The mother of two children is in critical condition after being shot in a Las Vegas downtown casino parking lot. Police say the mother was meeting one of her children's fathers for a custody exchange when the shooting happened around lunch time in the parking lot of the Gold Spike casino.

"They got into an argument and during the course of that argument, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot our victim. At this point, it is unknown if she is going to survive her injuries," said Lt. Lew Roberts, Metro homicide.

The family car is now a crime scene, a mother of two is hospitalized, and a father is handcuffed by police facing charges for her shooting. The two young children in the car were helpless to stop the violence.

But luckily some people in the parking lot saw it unfold and intervened after the first shot.

"We have some pretty sharp citizens that were here and thought enough to take action and get this guy into custody before he hurt anyone else," said Roberts.

Police don't know what caused things to escalate, but recommend couples who have a strained relationship to pick a place more public than a parking lot for the meeting.

"Go to an area where there are going to be witnesses," said Metro Officer Jacinto Rivera. "Malls, as I said the police station, a library, just somewhere where you are going to have a lot people standing by."

Having people around is a deterrent for violence and also making false claims of violence. But if that's still not enough, officers say you shouldn't be afraid to reach out to them.

"If you believe that they are going to do something extremely violent, that is a time to have an officer standby while you do the exchange," said Officer Rivera. "The officer, all he is going to do is standby, ensure that there is no law being broken and once the exchange is done the officer is done."

Metro officers say their areas commands also make a good place for couple to meet, and many families already use those locations for exchanges.

The two young children and the woman's new boyfriend witnessed the shooting. The two children are under the age of three. They have been taken into the custody of Child Protective Services.

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