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Recycling Can Be Easy

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Las Vegas is definitely behind the 8-ball when it comes to recycling. A lot of people say it's too much trouble, they don't have bins, they don't know when they pick up in their neighborhood. But most people agree it's just not convenient enough. Eyewitness News met a local expert who says recycling can be easier than you think.

Did you know that you could save 40 to 50-percent of your daily garbage from ever going to our desert landfill simply by learning a few good trash-tossing habits?

"This is very recyclable. This goes in your white bins along with magazines." Tara Pike, director of recycling at UNLV is the guru of garbage in Clark County and says she has uncovered the biggest obstacle that keeps our community at the bottom of the best recyclers list.

"We're very convenience oriented here in Las Vegas, and I do think that goes against the idea of recycling. You're talking about resources, so to just throw them away doesn't make sense to me," said Pike. "Number ones are all like water, soda bottles, liter bottles -- usually any individual drinking container is a one."

Many homeowners like Jennifer Haunschild and her family of four produce a lot of garbage and honestly just don't think about recycling.

"All your junk mail, this kind of stuff -- you want to pull that out," said Pike, putting it in the bin.

But many people complain that it's too time-consuming to sort your garbage.

"I just think that's crazy to say that it takes too much time because you're either throwing it in the garbage can or the recycle bin. You're saving natural resources. When you recycle, you're reducing air pollution and you're saving water and obviously you're extending the life of our landfill," said Pike.

Haunschild was embarrassed by her dirty habits, but now says she will definitely change her ways. "Yes, absolutely -- it's easier than I thought it was. I think it will be fun for the kids to go put this in the red bin, the blue bin. They'll like it."

Fun for the kids and good for their future, too. It can be easy if you think about what is recyclable before you throw it away.

Wednesday, Eyewitness News will go over the amazing assortment of useful products that can be reincarnated out of your trash.

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