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Shooting at New York New York in Las Vegas

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The shooter has been identified as Steven Zegrean. The shooter has been identified as Steven Zegrean.
Friends of shooting victim describe a frightening situation. Friends of shooting victim describe a frightening situation.

A man opened fire from a casino mezzanine inside a Las Vegas Strip casino early Friday morning, injuring four people before being tackled by officers and patrons.

Three people were hit by bullets and one was grazed. Another person, a female, was injured when she was trampled by people trying to escape. None of the injuries are life-threatening.

The shooting occurred at the New York New York hotel-casino around 12:45 a.m. Police credit bystanders, which included three Florida off-duty police officers and two military personnel with subduing the gunman before Metro arrived.

New York New York employee Reggie Sanchez was inside the casino with his family when the shooting happened.

"Everyone started running for cover. I pushed my mom on to the floor and tried to grab my brother and obviously I didn't get him," Sanchez said. His younger brother's ankle was hit by one of the bullets. Shooting victim 13-year-old Troy Sanchez says he heard more than ten gunshots. Initially, he thought it was fireworks.

"I got shot in the leg, I fell on my knees and he dragged me over to one of the gaming areas and that's when we started calling 911," said Troy.

Sanchez and others say a man in his fifties was on the mezzanine above the casino floor and opening fire at tourists. He hit two others besides Sanchez and grazed another. No one was seriously injured, but for the families of the victims, it was all too much.

"All I was thinking was that I could die right now. I was hiding behind a machine," said Jade Jacobson, a tourist from Florida.

"My cousin started screaming 'I am shot' and there was blood and it was pandemonium," said Jylian Behling, cousin of one shooting victim.

The suspect, Steven Zegrean, is a Las Vegas man. He discharged his firearm, releasing 16 rounds at patrons causing panic. Everything was caught on video. Police subpoenaed the casino to get it and have been reviewing the footage.

Zegrean was the subject of an earlier call about a suicide attempt on July 4. When police responded, they found the call to be unfounded and left. The initial call was from another party. From his demeanor, officers felt he was not a threat. 

The police said in a news conference that Zegrean had been on the Strip a few days, he was distraught, and may have been trying to do something known as suicide by cop.

"Looked like he was starting to come down and people just started moving back where I was standing. He was yelling come and get me, come and get me. I've never seen anything like it. Everybody in the place was just on the ground," said Brent Buelna, a witness.

Zegrean is currently being held in jail and is on suicide watch.

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