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2013 Nevada Legislature Coverage

The 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature is underway in Carson City. 8 News NOW will have complete coverage of the session and the bills winding their way through the legislature on their way to the Governor's desk. Hot topics being debated this year include gun control, education, and the legalization of marijuana for medical use.

2013 Nevada Legislature Bill Tracker

bill statusBill progress

Assembly Bill 5 -- Legalizes state interactive gaming license without necessitating federal approval, and gives governor authority to reach interactive gaming agreements with other states. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 30 -- Establishes a community notification website as the source of record for information concerning sex offenders and offenders convicted of crimes against children.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 31 -- Amends public record laws, such as by converting to state law the balancing test established by the Nevada Supreme Court for a governmental entity to use to determine whether to disclose a record when the law is silent with respect to its confidentiality. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 39 -- Sets limits on the quantity of chemicals used to make methamphetamine that can be sold or transferred to an individual within a 30-day period. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 65 -- Makes changes in open meeting laws, including establishing an exemption for committee or subcommittee meetings related to the gathering of facts for the public body.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 70 -- Revises definition of justifiable homicide to include killing of person in defense of a motor vehicle. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 100 -- Requires Clark County District Court to designate five family court judges to hear only cases involving child abuse or neglect, adoption of children in foster care or termination of parental rights by an agency that provides child welfare services. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 104 -- Requires law enforcement agencies to verify the immigration status of individuals booked into jail, and requires public employers and public. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 107 -- Authorizes a court in a construction defect case to award reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing party in certain circumstances. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 143 -- Allows the holder of a concealed carry firearms permit to carry a concealed firearm on property of the Nevada System of Higher Education except at sporting venues with at least 1,000 seats. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 154 -- Requires the Executive Committee to Review the Death of Children to review the report and recommendations of a multidisciplinary team.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 155 -- Certain professions and occupations required to report child abuse or neglect to a child welfare or law enforcement agency must be informed in writing or by electronic communication of that requirement and must acknowledge that they have been so informed. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 181 -- Prohibits employers from conditioning employment on an individual’s disclosure of social media user names or passwords or consumer reports. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 184 -- Amends the definition of a construction defect to mean something that presents an unreasonable risk of injury to a person or property or violates the law, unless the workmanship exceeds legal rate. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 195 -- Anyone who holds a concealed carry firearm permit that was issued no later than June 30, 2011, and who hasn’t submitted a renewal application may do so before the permit expires.STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 197 -- Makes various changes to the law pertaining to children 14 and older who are adjudicated delinquent for committing an act that would be a sexual offense if committed by an adult. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 200 -- Excludes from the definition of food establishment a farm holding a “farm-to-fork”. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Assembly Bill 201 -- Increases property taxes by making assessed valuations 1 percent higher each year through 2023, resulting in assessed values rising from 35 percent to 45 percent of taxable value. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 223 -- Makes various changes to laws regarding constables, including a provision that would allow them to issue citations for vehicles that aren’t properly registered only if the vehicle is located in the constable’s township. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Lawe

Assembly Bill 230 -- Requires school boards to establish a sex education course, with an opt-out provision for parents who do not want their children to attend. Status: Dead

Assembly Bill 232 -- Makes it lawful for a person to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 241 -- Provides that children are in need of protection for the purposes of juvenile court proceedings if they are victims of sex trafficking or engaged in prostitution, and are in need of care or services. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 248 -- Converts certain traffic violations from criminal penalties to civil penalties, including driving without current vehicle registration and license plates, which would be reduced from a misdemeanor to a maximum $250 penalty. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 261 -- This would add former school employees and former school volunteers to the list of individuals prohibited from engaging in sexual conduct with a student at that school. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 273 -- Revises provisions governing enrollment in the state’s Foreclosure Mediation Program, and stipulates that homeowners will be enrolled in the program unless they waive mediation or fail to pay their share of a required fee.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

.Assembly Bill 280 -- Makes it a category B felony to live from the earnings of a prostitute who is a child, and increases the penalty for soliciting a child for prostitution. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 289 -- Prohibits electric utilities from requiring smart meters for residential properties, requires utilities to provide written notice to the customer before installing a meter, and gives customers the option to decline installation after receiving notice. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 329 -- Requires the Nevada Taxicab Authority to establish a flat-rate fare for taxi trips between McCarran International Airport and any origin or destination within the county where there has been “a substantial history of long-hauling or an unreasonable risk that long-hauling may occur.” STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 340 -- Expands the power of the Legislature to regulate the carrying and storage of firearms and ammunition, and voids certain related ordinances and regulations that are inconsistent with the Legislature’s authority. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 369 -- Requires health care insurance plans to cover the screening for and diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 397 -- Revises many facets of homeowner associations and in some cases expands the rights of homeowners, such as by prohibiting an association from charging a homeowner a fee for obtaining permission to change a unit’s exterior or landscaping. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 402 -- This would decriminalize the cultivation, possession and consumption of marijuana for individuals 21 and older. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Bill 413 -- Authorizes the Clark County Commission to increase county taxes on gasoline and also allows for annual increases in county gas taxes. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 21 -- Makes various changes to the collection of debt owed to state agencies, including a provision that the state controller isn’t required to refund over-payments that are less than $5 unless the refund is timely requested in writing.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 33 -- For purposes of complying with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, revises the definition of sexual conduct for prison inmates to include acts that are unauthorized and committed with the intent to abuse or gratify another person. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 39 -- Allows committees of the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security to hold closed meetings to receive security briefings and discuss ways to respond to terrorism. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 47 -- Makes various changes to the mortgage industry related to employees within the industry.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 56 -- Would require the state controller’s website to contain certain Nevada revenue and expenditure data for the current and preceding fiscal years. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 76 -- Revises the definition of concealed firearms to include loaded or unloaded handguns and tweaks provisions related to the competency needed to obtain a concealed firearm permit. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 137 -- Makes it lawful for a person to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 155 -- Provides that the assessment or treatment of couples or families is not excluded from the practice of clinical professional counseling.STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 160 -- Would prohibit a court from awarding a deficiency judgment after a foreclosure sale or a trustee's sale if the property is a single-family dwelling owned and occupied by the debtor or grantor of the deed of trust. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 165 -- Requires the state Office of Economic Development to approve a tax credit for producers of film, television or other media productions in Nevada if the work is in the economic interests of the state, the production costs exceed $100,000, and at least 60 percent of the production occurs in Nevada. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 188 -- Designates English as the state’s official language and requires, with limited exceptions, that all official government documents and proceedings use English. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 221 -- Requires background checks when firearms are transferred from one private person to another in cases where the recipient doesn’t have a concealed firearm permit. The bill also requires courts within five business days to transfer for use in gun background check databases records of a person being adjudicated mentally ill or unfit to stand trial. STATUS: Vetoed by Governor

Senate Bill 223 -- Allows employees of the Nevada System of Higher Education or private or public schools who have concealed carry firearm permits to carry those weapons on college or school property. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 226 -- Requires a person who holds a concealed carry firearm permit and who is eligible for a driver’s license or identification card issued by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a driver’s license or ID card that designates the individual as a concealed carry permit holder.STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 232 -- Requires municipal utilities that provide water and wastewater services in Clark County to obtain approval from the Nevada Public Utilities Commission for any rate increase covering business or commercial customers.STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 245 -- Makes it illegal for a person to import, possess, breed or sell a dangerous wild animal unless that individual meets one of many exemptions. STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 285 -- Exempts certain air ambulance services from Nevada permit and license requirements if those services only deliver patients to Nevada from outside the state and don’t receive any patients within the state. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 321 -- Places more restrictions on a trustee’s power to sell an owner-occupied home and on judicial foreclosures that apply to residential mortgage loans secured by owner-occupied housing. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 374 -- Provides for the registration of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries, and makes it a misdemeanor to forge or counterfeit a medical marijuana registry identification card for users and primary caregivers. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 377 -- This would raise state gasoline taxes by 2 cents a gallon in 2014, and an additional 2 cents a gallon each year through 2023.STATUS: Dead

Senate Bill 389 -- Allows the owner of a single-family dwelling that is subject to a mortgage or deed of trust to submit a written request to the servicer for a certified copy of the note, the mortgage or deed of trust and each assignment of those documents. STATUS: Governor Signed Bill into Law

Senate Bill 396 -- Prohibits the purchase, sale or transfer of assault weapons and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and also requires background checks for an individual who acquires a firearm who doesn’t have a concealed carry firearm permit. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Joint Resolution 1 -- Supports designation of the Upper Las Vegas Wash as a national monument. STATUS: Now Law

Assembly Joint Resolution 1* -- Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to authorize the Legislature to enact a law that provides for the calculation of the taxable value of improvements to real property upon the transfer, sale or other conveyances of the property as legislators deem appropriate. STATUS: Dead

Assembly Joint Resolution 4 -- Urges the federal Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service to assist Nevada with the prevention and suppression of wildfires in the state.STATUS: Now Law

Senate Joint Resolution 13 -- Repeals the provision in the Nevada Constitution that only a marriage between a male and female person may be recognized in the state.STATUS: Now Law

Senate Joint Resolution 15* -- Amends the Nevada Constitution such that the mining industry would no longer enjoy its own separate tax rate. STATUS: Now Law

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