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No news organization in Nevada has covered the rise and fall of organized crime for as long or as in depth as has KLAS TV. Our story files contain more video reports and authentic footage than any other source, material obtained at great risk by dozens of reporters and photographers.

In the late 80’s, KLAS produced what is widely regarded as the seminal documentary about the mob in Nevada, a powerful and award-winning program “Mob on the Run”, written by late muckraker and crusading reporter Ned Day. In the mid 90’s, the program was updated by reporter George Knapp. It chronicles the real-life events of the characters portrayed in the movie Casino, as well as the long and sordid history of other significant mob figures who helped to put Las Vegas on the map.

In connection with the debut of the Mob Museum, 8 News Now opens its archives to share vintage news reports about significant mob-related events as reported during the time of those events.

The Mob In Las Vegas

Mob On The Run

Back in the mid-1980s, veteran KLAS-TV reporter Ned Day, along with producer / editor Bob Stodal, produced "Mob On The Run," a documentary that was known at the time, and even to this day, as the defining historical narrative of organized crime in Las Vegas. 8 News NOW pulled an updated version, last updated in 1997 by George Knapp, out of our archives to coincide with the opening of the Las Vegas Mob Museum. More>>

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