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UFO Conference Looks to Compel Disclosure

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President-elect Barack Obama has a lot on his plate in the coming months - from the economy, Iraq and global warming. Some political activists think he should add something else to his list, UFO's.

Previous presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton expressed an interest in UFO secrets but do new presidents get briefed on the topic?

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Friday night, a UFO conference kicked off at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas. The experts disagree about whether Obama will be briefed on UFO's but agree that it should be done.

"There has to be a compelling reason to be included in the inner circle and that's not evident at all with Obama or his staff people," said event organizer Ryan Wood.

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"Obama has several characteristics to make him the disclosure president. One is that he's an innocent. He goes into office not knowing anything about it so when he says, ‘I've been told and want to tell you,' he can't be criticized for why didn't you tell us this before," said UFO political activist Stephen Bassett.

The 2008 UFO Crash Conference began Friday night. 15 speakers will make presentations through Sunday.

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