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CDC to Assist with Nevada 'Health Care Crisis'

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More deficiencies have been discovered at surgery centers around the state. Director Mike Willden, who oversees the Division of Health and Human Services, says this is a "health care crisis" for Nevada.

On Monday, the Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Clinic, will receive an official deficiency notice from the state for reusing syringes. They are the latest clinic to be discovered using improper practices. The clinic, located at 3196 Maryland Pwky is still open for business and the state says the unsafe practices have ceased.

State health officials say they have inspected nine of the 20 surgery centers located in Clark County and have requested help for the CDC. Inspectors are expected to arrive early next week to help speed up the inspection process.

The following centers remain closed:

  • Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, 700 Shadow Lane
  • Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center, 4275 S. Burnham
  • Gastroenterology Center of Nevada, 4275 S. Burnham 
  • Spanish Hills Surgical Center, 5915 S. Rainbow Blvd.
  • Gastroenterology Center of Nevada, 2610 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway

Willden and representatives from the state health division expressed "surprise, shock and frustration," they were still discovering deficiencies after the story on the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada gained national attention last week.

"These are basis health control procedures taught at the 101 level. These are things that people should understand," Willden said.

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Of the 19 surgery centers in northern Nevada, 10 have been inspected and in three of those clinics, there were problems. Two of the facilities had no deficiencies but five others had deficiencies but they were not related to sterilization techniques.

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St. Mary's Outpatient Surgery Center - there was a lack of high-level sterilization of instruments between patients. At the Digestive Health Center, there were also similar issues with the lack of sterilization, and finally at The Sierra Center for Foot Surgery in Reno, staff reported reusing syringes.

Willden says, under the law, each center could face a $1,000 fine per day per deficiency.

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