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The Mob in Las Vegas

I-Team: Exclusive Interview With Tony the Butcher Part 1.5

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A former mob associate who helped the FBI infiltrate organized crime enterprises in both Las Vegas and New York is living in an undisclosed location and under a new name because a lawman leaked his name in court.

His name used to be Tony Nastasi, but he can't use the name anymore because one of his employees had a chance encounter with a major celebrity.

This is an odd footnote to what was already an amazing life.

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Nastasi owned an escort service in New York and later here in Las Vegas. What his mob associates didn't know is that he was secretly working with the FBI.

His assistance helped to put away some very bad guys, including two alleged hitmen busted here in Las Vegas.

But even after the arrests, Nastasi's clandestine work for the FBI was never made public, not until 1999 when an employee of his New York escort service had a chance encounter with music producer Sean "P Diddy" Combs and his then-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lopez.

You might recall the story about the two celebs leaving a New York nightclub where a shooting had occurred. Someone in their limo tossed a gun out the car window.

It landed on the hood of one of Nastasi's vehicles and his driver turned it in. Nastasi declined to pin the gun on Combs, so he says, prosecutors came after him.

"The next thing you know, they know everything about me, and I have to produce this driver with the gun and the whole bit. And the next thing I know, we're in the courtroom, where I didn't want to be, alright? And they really wanted to go after this guy, this Puffy Combs. The DA had me in his office, telling me, "Well, can you tell this driver that maybe he did see this guy throw the gun out the window, or a guy like him?"" said Nastasi.

The driver later hinted that he thought Jennifer Lopez tossed the gun, but for Tony, the damage was done.

Someone in the DA's office leaked information about his FBI work to defense attorneys and they made sure to raise his mob background in court.

That revelation meant his former mob associates knew he had helped the FBI. They sent two button men to visit Tony's mother to ask where he was.

After that, he could no longer use his real name and had to drop out of sight. He's been underground for 9 years now.

Nastasi had the greatest impact in Las Vegas. Tonight at 11, he goes up against a torture expert known as Vinnie Aspirin.

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