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1 Dead in Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Parking Structure Explosion

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Police say the bomb that went off in the Luxor parking lot killing a man was murder, not terror. They say the device was meant for one person, an employee of Nathan's Famous hot dog stand inside the Luxor.

The explosion happened Monday morning on the top level of a parking garage at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Detectives believe the victim was the intended target, not the resort. And they're investigating the case as a homicide.

This happened on the roof of the Luxor public parking garage. Sources with the casino as well as with Metro confirm there was a cup on the roof of the victim's car. When he walked over to pick it up, it exploded, killing him. 

All day, Metro detectives searched the parking lot at the Luxor for bomb fragments. The detectives as well as federal agents will re-construct the bomb to see what they can learn about who set it. 

Deputy Chief Ted Moody made it clear this attack was against the victim only, not the hotel casino. "This appears to have been a small device that was constructed in such a way as to indicate that it was meant to target a single individual victim, and it was effective in doing that unfortunately," said Moody.

The victim worked for a vendor inside the Luxor. Eyewitness News learned that bomb looked like a cup sitting on the roof of the victim's car. He and another employee walked out after work at 4 a.m. When the victim picked up the cup to remove it, it exploded.  

"We are looking at everything," said Moody. "We have to learn as much as we can about this individual and the person who was with the victim and work backwards from there."

Police did their work as the casino operated like any other day. Only the Sportsbook closed for a brief time because of an unattended bag which turned out to be nothing. Some of the guests also had to wait to get their cars from the parking deck.  

"We have plans for today, and we cannot do anything and it sucks," said Laura Hope. All of her stuff was in her rental car. Police had to check each one near the explosion before it could be released to the guest.

"It's scary; that's real," said Hope. "We are tourists; we are supposed to stay somewhere safe."

Metro believes the resort is safe. Deputy Chief Moody says the explosion was not terrorism, but an intentional murder. Police are working to see who killed the victim. 

The autopsy will be finished Monday, but the coroner will not make an identification until at least Tuesday. 

A spokesman for Luxor released this statement:

"Early this morning an incident on the top level of the 2-floor Luxor public parking garage took the life of one person. Police have announced this is not a terrorist incident and are investigating the incident as a murder investigation targeting a single individual. Police do not believe the resort was targeted in any way. No facility damage occurred to any part of the Luxor as a result of the incident and the resort is conducting normal operations.

The incident took place just after 4:00 AM. Local and federal authorities are investigating. The victim's identity has not been released. The victim was not an employee of the Luxor. 

The Luxor public parking garage is partially closed during the investigation but all other aspects of the resort are open. Cars parked in the garage are being released as investigators inspect them. The garage is expected to open as soon as investigators finish their work."

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