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Billboards Feature Man Killed by Las Vegas Police

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Erik Scott Erik Scott

LAS VEGAS -- Friends and family of Erik Scott, the man shot to death at a Costco store by Las Vegas police, are taking their message to roadside billboards.

The 38-year-old was shot and killed by three Metro officers on July 10th. Although the Coroner's Inquest on the case isn't until September 3rd, Scott's friends and family don't want the public to forget what happened. They are also hoping more people who may have witnessed the event will come forward.

"Our sadness has turned to focus at this point," said Scott's close friend Mike Pusateri. He says he is a man on a mission to make people remember what happened.

"Other families have gone through this inquest process and the story falls away. Until September 3rd, we're going to make sure that doesn't happen," he said.

Seven digital billboards with Erik Scott's picture are being put up around the valley. Scott's friends and family have collected the $3,200 from supporters on Facebook and an Internet site in his honor.

The billboards will be prominently displayed in high traffic areas of town. Organizers say the focus of the billboards is to show that while Erik Scott is gone, what happened to him is not forgotten. The billboards carry the message "Let the truth be known."

"People are engaged in this story, they want to understand what happened , they want to understand why he was shot seven times," said Pusateri.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie says the details of Scott's death, including the 911 call, will come out in due time.

"It's very important in cases like this where an officer uses deadly force and there is a death -- and we do have an inquest process -- that we stick to that process," said Sheriff Gillespie.

The hard drives containing Costco's surveillance video were sent to a lab in California for forensic work. Police say there is a glitch in the surveillance system that hasn't allowed them to view the video. Police say it could take weeks for the video to be seen if the incident was even captured on camera.

Pusateri hopes drivers will see the signs, and divulge key details of Scott's death, clearing his name. "They shot the wrong guy, his friends are committed and they're not going to stop." 

The digital signs will be up for the next four weeks. Scott's friends say they're using other donations to start a foundation in his honor. One thing they want to fight for is legislation that would have a neutral party included in Metro's investigations.


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