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Man in Costco Shooting had Concealed Weapons Permit

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Erik Scott Erik Scott

LAS VEGAS -- A shooting at a Costco in Summerlin is raising questions about concealed weapons permits.

Erik Scott was gunned down when police say he refused to drop a weapon he had on him. But Scott's friends and family say he had a concealed weapons permit and was knowledgeable with the laws.

Private property like shopping malls, or even the Costco where the shooting happened, can prohibit weapons from being on property without any signage. Even if you have concealed weapons permit, private property owners can prohibit weapons.

"The line we always use in class, 'When you say the magic word gun, make sure your hands are visible and wait for the officer to tell you what to do,'" said The Gun Store owner Bob Irwin.

It's a line that could mean the difference between life and death. Irwin has released a book on the guidelines for carrying concealed fire arms in Nevada.

"With Nevada permits, you are required to carry your permit with you. And here in Clark County, you are required to carry your gun registration card with your permit," he said.

Even with a concealed weapons permit, weapons are prohibited from key places.

"Generally, casinos don't, although not all casinos ban firearms. We don't recommend they carry them at all if they are going to the be drinking or where everybody else is drinking. There's no specific law on that, other than you can't be under the influence when you are carrying a gun," he said.

Marty Zakrajsek has his concealed gun owners permit. "I'm careful to make sure it's not exposed to alarm any bystanders or people nearby. My purpose is not to alarm people but for personal protection," he said.

Zakrajsek says when responding to calls, police don't know who has a permit and who doesn't. "The proper way is to inform and let them know you are carrying and let them take the lead. On what you should do and not do -- they will advise and tell you how to behave and whether to make any movements or not," he said.

He says having a permit should be seen as a privilege. "The purpose of the concealed weapon permit is to allow you to carry a concealed weapon and in such a way that you don't alarm the public so concealed means that -- concealed," he said.

There are places where even if you have a permit you can't carry a gun: the airport, some casinos and state or federal buildings.

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