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Tea Party Endorsement Helped Candidate Angle

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LAS VEGAS -- Sharron Angle's primary victory Tuesday night owes much of its success to the backing of the Tea Party Express movement. They brought the former state assemblywoman from nearly last in polling to first at the ballots.

After Angle made her victory speech at the Orleans, her campaign escorted her away from all reporters. 8 News NOW had a difficult time reaching her campaign leaders Wednesday morning, so we showed up at her Las Vegas campaign headquarters.

She was there, and we got off a few questions before she was escorted away.

Angle says she's preparing for the general election the same way she prepared for the primary -- to win.

When asked to outline her strategy, Angle refused to answer, saying, "I've got to tell you guys this, you're so interested in that, but these guys here are so interested in my job and my home."

Angle immediately left for a flight to Reno. Campaign staffers say they are preparing for what promises to be a bruising general election fight with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"This is an important moment because we have an opportunity to send a very positive message, and that message is we are going to dump Harry Reid on November 2nd," she said in her victory speech.

Tea Party Express banners and supporters were easy to find at election night's Republican victory party. The decentralized movement may have to unite if it's going to compete in an expensive race with national attention.

"Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, National Tea Party Foundation, the New American Tea Party -- so that in itself makes it somewhat hard to become a national entity. But it's part of its success. That locality can sort of shape it," said Ken Fernandez with UNLV.

Angle's campaign now has to forge together these local and out of state Tea Party groups. At her victory rally, she used a phrase popularized by President George W. Bush describing the Iraq War alliance, calling it a Coalition of the Willing.

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