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Thief Steals from the Wrong Booth at CES

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LAS VEGAS -- The Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped up its annual run in Las Vegas. Some may not realize it, but the convention is a target for thieves hoping to take off with some cool and expensive gadgets.

One thief was either not paying close attention to the booth he decided to target or he was just very confident. What the thief didn't realize was his whole act was caught on camera at the booth he had stolen from.

That booth belonged to Swann Security, a company that specializes in home security equipment. Their cameras were set up at the time of the incident and show the thief taking off with a book he stole from their display.

The book may not look like much, but it contained valuable client contact information. The thief thought no one was looking and casually walked away.

Fifteen minutes later, staff noticed the book was missing and they went straight to their tape to review what happened. 

"I yelled out to everyone watching the tape, ‘$1000 to anyone who catches the thief,' then I thought, ‘Hold on, I got to pay someone $1000?' So I ran off to catch the guy with some of my team members and we actually found him," said Keith Oldridge of Swann Security.

The thief was wandering around the exhibit hall when he was finally tracked down. He quickly returned the book and ran off, but CES security has his identity and will be doing a follow up investigation.

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