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Recent Raids Have Casinos on Edge

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Eyewitness News uncovered new information on the prostitution and drug bust that took place at Rio's Sapphire Pool over the weekend. It's the second local hotspot to have problems in the last few weeks.

Eleven people were arrested on Saturday at the pool. The charges range from soliciting prostitution to selling drugs. But in this case, Rio Hotel management asked Metro to do an undercover investigation, and that's exactly the type of action the gaming control board is looking for.

SLIDESHOW: Metro Busts Rio's Sapphire Pool

"You could do cavity searches of people going into these places and still not find an ecstasy pill or some pill that someone takes while they are there. You can't protect against it. What you do is try to ensure that drugs aren't utilized there or if someone is suspected of taking drugs, then you take action," said attorney Frank Schreck.

Schreck represents several casinos in Las Vegas. He says the recent illegal activities at these venues should be a wake-up call to every casino to continually check on the activities taking place inside.

Many of the women arrested at the pool tried to sell their services to undercover police officers. Others helped sell drugs. When the hotel found out what was going on, they immediately shut down the pool indefinitely.

Schreck says there's a good chance Rio will not face fines because they asked for the undercover officers to go in. He say while it's impossible to prevent all illegal activity, it's too expensive for hotels to look the other way. He says many casinos perform these checks to just to be safe.

"There are some that call in Metro on a regular basis. There are some that have Metro detectives come in and train their security and show them to observe. I know of one facility that brings in Metro Vice to service their facility -- to spot prostitution," said Schreck.

Planet Hollywood was not so fortunate after illegal activity was found at Prive nightclub inside their facility. Even though Prive was leasing the space from the hotel, the casino still had to pay a fine.

Under gaming law, the casino is responsible for everything that takes place in their facility. They were fined $500,000.

The enforcement division of the Gaming Control Board says as of right now, Rio will not face fines in the immediate future. The Rio Hotel says they will continue to perform these types of checks

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