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Michael Geeser, Consumer Editor

The Facts About Coffee & Coffee Makers (Dec. 9)

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(Dec. 9) -- Coffee makers can do different things. Some perk it, press it, or drip it. And the consumers that use these different methods often swear that theirs is the best way.

Consumer Reports just tested to see what might satisfy your coffee craving. Specialty coffee shops cater to people who are picky about the beans they buy. They are also particular about they way they make their coffee.

To see which coffee maker makes the best coffee, Consumer Reports tried a $35 Bodum french press, a $60 Farberware electric percolator, as well as a $40 Chemex manual drip and a $90 Starbucks' barista vacuum brewer.

Test cups were prepared with two kinds of coffee: Folgers 100% Ground Colombian and Gloria Jean's Colombian Supremo beans. Each coffee maker has a unique method for preparing coffee.

With a manual drip you just pour water slowly through a paper filter. With the french press, water is poured into coffee grounds in the pot. Once the brew has steeped, you push down the plunger, separating the coffee from the grounds.

With a percolator, water bubbles through a tube into a metal basket which holds the coffee.  The Starbucks Barista forces water up into the grounds.  After it's brewed, the coffee is sucked back down.

You might think coffee made from these devices would taste markedly different from a regular coffee maker, but that's not what Consumer Reports found.

"There are a few subtle variations, but overall we found that brews made with the same coffee taste about the same no matter how you make them," said Joyce Ward, Consumer Reports.

So, Consumer Reports says if you're particular about the coffee you drink, focus on the beans you buy rather than the coffee maker.

Both the coffees used in the coffee maker tests were highly rated in Consumer Reports most recent taste tests. Folgers 100% Colombian is sold in supermarkets. Gloria Jeans Colombian Supremo is sold in shopping malls.

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